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the same as this one function myFunction var response var sheet tSheetByName SheetName var object tContentText var objRates object"rates for (var i in objRates). Convert your revenue from Dollars to Euros, currency Risk analysis, managing your expenses in one or multiple exchange rates. Register now, make free international transfers, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Press h to open a hovercard with more details. Bug fixes and a new feature are now available! Small but significant fixes and improvements. Register now, keep an eye on your spending by viewing your recent transaction history.

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Download Currency Foreign Exchange Rate for your currency conversion needs.
In this version: -Bug fixes and performance improvements -Update.
It's so great to hear the app was so useful on your trip.

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Note that this script takes two currencies (Euro and Croatian Kuna) and places them in given row/column layout. So many times Ive thought how handy that would be! Intuitive and Easy-to-Use - Always accurate and reliable -exchange rates updated every hour. If you are doing business analysis or calculations in your Google Apps spreadsheets then you probably need some kind of currencies converter for doing all sorts of tasks. Simple, beautiful and powerful -this free version allows you to convert your money fast and discreetly. Blog update (14th July 2012 As the user. Google supports Exchange rates in their spreadsheets AS-IS but this is not the case. Hey TXinLA, It's so great to hear the app was so useful on your trip. Imperative for travel, will save you on your trip, and you'll feel confident while knowing your is being spent under your personal control. Hi there, We're sorry you found the ads so intrusive.