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Multiply best mechanical forex trading system this by dozens of trading clients and you can see how broker commissions can add up to a comfortable lifestyle, all with far less market risk. They analyze equities, derivatives, fixed income, forex, commodities, and anything else they might be trading and decide on what to trade, what strategies to pursue, and how to invest the firms money. With the 2010 financial reform, those numbers will shrink even further as banks disband their prop trading groups and everyone migrates to hedge funds. Work Hours Work hours are roughly the same for traders and brokers they get in an hour or two before the market opens and leave an hour or two after market close. Alex Krger / @crypto_macro : Excellent thread. It worth every minute spent to invest! Nic Carter / @nic_carter : Landmark case today. MMR has become my most important priority and will remain so as long as its available! I investigate in banks (which only gave me 5 return) and arrived to MMR and binary options which give me 80! Theres no denying that trading itself has become more of a science club over time so unlike with investment banking, advanced math and programming skills would be helpful here. Who Makes More Money?