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me at any of the following sources and obviously in the comments below. Expert : Contains the trading strategy. My bot holds a single position from seconds to minutes (sometimes even hours which makes it more of an automated trader binary options in mt4 than a high frequency trader.

The API key is found at the far upper-right, then click on API and create your keys. Now this is not by any means a reliable metric, and there are many factors that affect. Keep in mind that this project is under active development). Screen php artisan bowhead:websocket_bitfinex Crypto markets are open 24/7 and you should begin to see current data flowing in immediately. Set up websocket streams to get data. Long story short, I ultimately ended up going for the stock market, but not into high frequency trading in its real meaning. What's your advice for aspiring indie hackers? We live in a very capitalist society where people will judge you based on real results. I wanted to change that, but I also remembered that 99 of finance books are bullshit. Components, this project consists of two components. With time, I developed a very productive and consistent lifestyle, managing to get rid of most distractions.

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