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leading exchange company operating in Kuwait. K.S.C.C Block- 10, Second Floor, Ahmed Saleh Sons Building (Near kptc Bus Stand0 Murgab PO Box. Please note: Branch closed between 2pm and 3pm. For example, if the USD presently sells for N300, dividing 1 by 300 would give you the dollar price of the naira. Is there a limit on how much I can exchange? Before selling your or buying any currency from the money exchange house, you can compare with others and take decision to sell with highest possible rate. And its not surprising that lots of manufacturing firms have closed down and many others have left the shores of Nigeria for countries with better climates. For ALL transactions of 1,500 and over (whether paid by cash or by card) we require both proof of identity AND proof of address. While there are more than countable reasons for the free fall of the Nigerian naira against the US dollar, economists have repeatedly cited these three as the most important and direct causes. Whether youre sending money for education, healthcare or groceries, we offer money transfer services to help you send your support to family quickly.

Phone:, indicative exchange rates (subject to change). Wall Street Exchange site Since Wall Street Exchange has been established in Kuwait, It find out values and concepts in the field pertaining to the management and marketing of banking business taking, several positive and favorable steps towards a future vision for business trends. Kuwaiti dinar to Indian Rupees, Kuwaiti to Bangladeshi Taka, Kuwait currency to Philippine Peso.

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UAE Exchange deals in Remittances like Bank Transfers, Instant Money Transfers and Foreign Exchange Business. Full details can be found foreign exchange rate aud usd on your voucher. So, if USD to NGN is 300, NGN to USD would be 1/300 (0.00333). In other words, it was equal in strength to the dollar at the time. KBE was listed at Kuwait Stock Exchange on June 19,2006. For some time now, there has been a huge disparity between the CBN rates and the parallel market (black market) prices of the dollar.