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forth. Its also not moving down in a strong enough movement to say its back in its down trend. The recent news regarding economic and political concerns regarding a wide range of Emerging Markets and established economies, we believe, has continued to drive upward price pressures in the precious metals markets. . Spxu (Inverse S P 500) that didnt fill.

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2015 Gold Miners Weekly nugt Chart Pattern. We believe the upside pricing pressure that is being built up within this wedge could be 2x to 3x (or more) the pressure from the 2016 upside breakout. . These have been rocketing higher as we predicted. . No Current Holdings, todays Updates, shhh. Same order as yesterday, hopefully well get the big drop I need to get filled. If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. We cant stress how important it is to understand the opportunity we are showing you today with regards to these patterns and the potential for traders to take advantage of this setup. Yinn (China) had a strong move this morning which made yang (Inverse China) dip its toe down towards my buy point, but not quite enough. We are in very non directional markets which is common after such strong moves weve had weeks back.

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