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it is an Inverted Head and Shoulders pattern. These blocks can be bearish and bullish as in a standard bar or candlestick chart. In this example using ten pip bricks we booked two bricks (20 pips) of profit in the first leg, five bricks (50 pips) on the second and none on the third. Look for the trending moves, identify the consolidation boundaries and see how those insights could improve your current trading decisions.

Notice that once the brick completes all prior price movement is hidden. Ideal for Support and Resistance Trading The Renko chart is very effective for identifying support and resistance levels correctly. The chart consists of blocks (a.k.a. Less discretion More consistency. Were using ten pip bricks in this example and the rectangle indicates a clear consolidation between.1200 and.1260. First, you should download the MQL4 file of the Renko chart indicator. The Renko chart structure is very precise in building trends.

Japanese candlestick chart and a Renko chart: The first graph is a Renko chart that illustrates the price action of the second graph, which is a Japanese candlestick chart. What we do know, though, is that it will be exactly the number of pips specified within the Renko parameter that you set. Its not very often you will see such defined support and resistance areas in consolidation but that is another plus to use Renko! Youll need to experiment with the brick size to find one that gives you intervals that work for you. Click Here to Download Conclusion The Renko chart displays price action disregarding the time factor. The blue lines illustrate a Rising Wedge pattern.

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This is shown by the red horizontal line on the image above. The second kind of Renko chart is the Open/Close type. The image shows a resistance breakout. Lets now shift into trade management mode: This illustration is the continuation of the price action after the trend breakout. Renko Bars Cut Through Noise, renko charts are great for swing trading as they give a clear indication of trends, devoid of noise. On the way up the price action creates a Head and Shoulders chart pattern. Expert Advisor or Auto Trading button on the top of your MT4 terminal. Support and Resistance Renko Strategy This Renko strategy involves entering trades after the price action breaks an important horizontal support or resistan ce on the chart. After you do this, another window will pop up on the chart. On the image above you see the different price swings on the Renko chart. In this manner, some of the price action is not included in the Renko blocks. Figure 2, figure 2 shows price movement prior to and after completion of a new brick.

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