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Hryvnia. EUR / stg: stg/EUR Hesaplamalar 1 stg.00 EUR 2 stg0.00 EUR 5 stg0.00 EUR 10 stg.00 EUR 20 stg0.00 EUR 25 stg0.00 EUR 50 stg0.00 EUR 75 stg0.00 EUR 100 stg.00 EUR 100 stg0.00 EUR 150 stg0.00 EUR 200 stg0.00 EUR 250. Bütün döviz kurlar verileri ücretsiz ve 1 dk periyodu ile güncellenmektedir. Chilean Peso, chinese Yuan Renminbi, croatian Kuna, czech Koruna. Useful information relating to the Euro currency EUR. Historical Exchange Rates For British Pound Sterling to Euro 19Aug 03Aug 18Sep 02Sep 17Oct 02Oct 17Nov 01120-day exchange rate history for GBP to EUR. London, Nov 28 (Reuters) - Interbank lending rates for three-month euro and sterling funds were indicated broadly steady on Friday in subdued trade after the.S. CNY, hKD, eUR 1 EUR Inverse:.1341.8818.8861.1285 128.5877.0078.5628.6399.4935.6696.1423.8754.8801.1269.8816.1126, short: EUR, long: Euro, country: European Union. Arab Emirates Dirham updated 10:00:10(GMT) Euro (EUR) updated 10:00:10(GMT) updated 10:00:10(GMT) Date: rates at 00:00 gmtfri, 16 November, 2018 rates at 00:00 gmtfri, 16 November, 2018. Stg ve EUR, 1 kaç Euro eder? The pound sterling is the fourth most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market.

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You are able to view the history chart of the interested currency pairs, and also can subscribe to our. See full Currency Exchange Rates table. Banknotes: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200. Useful information relating to the British Pound Sterling currency GBP. Quick Conversions from British Pound Sterling to Euro : 1 GBP.12877 EUR.

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