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of the EA suggests that it picks up very small wins, this day it won multiple trades around the 200 pip mark. Each of the accounts performs differently, so Im not sure if they are using different settings award different pair configurations but thats something I would like to know. Myfxbook Results, the Easy Argo Scalper vendors provide us with 3 my FX book accounts to analyze. By increasing the lot size of the consecutive levels, Forex Warrior is able to successfully work in the counter-trend regime, closing the basket with profit as soon as the trending price retreats by the amount given by the TP tick volume forex strategy value. The first trade in the basket is opened by a market order. Conclusion Its hard to recommend a trading software from a developer that Ive just come across for the first time, but there are certainly reasons to be positive about the Easy Argo Scalper. It looks like the software got in on the right side of a flash, impressive, but erratic. Each new level of the basket, starting with the 3rd level, is opened with an increased lot size as compared to the lot size of the previous level. Buy Forex Warrior EA with 25 discount. All trades in the basket have the same Take Profit (TP) values, so when the price reaches the TP value, the whole basket is simultaneously closed and a new basket is opened.

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They have a heavy belief in automatic and algorithmic trading and noncommercial trading systems that can be modified it shared with the community. Timeframe : H1, trading time : 24/5, entry type : market orders, deposit requirements : from 10,000 for USD (EUR) accounts with minimum lot.01 from 1,000 for cent accounts with a minimum lot.1 from 100 for cent accounts with minimum lot.01. It is designed to work simultaneously in both, long and short, directions thus doubling the profit on the ranging market and achieving a hedging effect when the market is trending. To get in touch with support traders can email. ArgoLab forex, warrior, Forex, tramp. If the software performs differently on every single broker, it will be harder to trust if you dont use one of these 3 brokerages.

The results still need some time to breathe, since they are relatively new, so Ill wait to see how the robot performs in the long term before I make a final decision. Instead of the regular price of 239, you are paying 179, thus saving. For users that prefer a conservative trading, Forex Warrior has an option to open a new basket only in the direction of the global trend (for this, flag OpenOnlyOnTrend should be set to true). Location: Since you're not logged in, we have no way of getting back to you once the issue is resolved, so please provide your username or email if necessary.