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your application. También se pueden observar variaciones en Linares de la Sierra, Priego de Crdoba, Herreruela ( provincia de Cáceres ) y en la Parroquia San Juan Bautista de la Isla de Margarita ( Venezuela ). For our sample application we're using a value of /static/ for the static_URL setting, so the name of the virtual directory in IIS will be static. La receta no es muy precisa debido a sus variaciones. You may leave the "Host name" blank. Open IIS Manager Expand the server tree Expand the foo web site Click on the static virtual directory Double-click the "Handler Mappings" icon. Thus far we've accomplished the following: Installed Python, installed IIS with CGI, created and activated a Python virtual environment. Click "OK" to close the EnviromentVariables Collection Editor Click "OK" to close the Add FastCGI Application dialog Create and Configure a New IIS Web Site Next we need to create a new web site in IIS for the Django application, and add a Handler Mapping. Si continas navegando, consideramos que aceptas su uso.

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Click the input box to the right of "Value" and enter ttings. Ir a la navegacin, ir a la bsqueda, qué es Wikilibros? Double-click the "FastCGI Settings" icon, under "Actions" on the right-hand side click "Add application.". Configure FastCGI in IIS, open the IIS Manager by clicking the Windows button, clicking on Administrative Tools, and double-clicking Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Debian, mosquitto is now in Debian proper. Add a static Virtual Directory to the IIS Web Site Now bank of india euro rate today we have all our static files in one place, but we still haven't told IIS where they're located. Configure Handler Mappings for the static Virtual Directory The last step is to tell IIS which handler to use to serve files out of the static virtual directory. This opens the EnvironmentVariables Collection Editor dialog. De Wikilibros, la coleccin de libros de texto de contenido libre.

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