sales strategy for trade shows 2018

you consider taking notes right on your laptop or even your smartphone. Other expenses can easily exceed the cost of space. Unless you hire someone just for the show, staff salaries are typically not assigned as a show expense. Seeking New Products or Services to Distribute or Buy Trade shows afford a fast way to peruse other firms products or services that you may wish to distribute or buy. Offer a variety of presentations for attendees to peruse, including computers with touch screens that encourage people to interact and learn more about your company. Portraying the Firm as a Major Player in the Industry. Trade shows are temporary events in different recurring intervals where new products and services are presented. If youve got an employee who is a natural at turning on the charm or one who is great at relationship selling, should be a no brainer on them being a part of the sales team. If you or your sales staff determine that they are qualified to buy, move into the closing process by either setting an appointment or selling a product or service on the spot. Meeting with Key Accounts If you hope to have meaningful meetings with key accounts, you need to make arrangements in advance.

sales strategy for trade shows 2018

Encouraging prospects to stop by your booth is the first step in your trade show sales strategy. Create an open booth so people feel comfortable entering rather than standing outside. To get the most out of a trade show, you need to give it some thought in advance and plan some strategies and objectives. Ive put together a list of these that will be useful for many people participating in trade shows.

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To create excitement about your new offerings and increase the number of visitors to your booth, you might display life-size posters or even three-dimensional representations of your new products. The concern at smaller booths may be the absence of the one attending company representative. This makes pre-show planning key to trade show success. Idak is the sole national body for interior. You may do better at opening new accounts by calling show attendees right after the show closes. If you can swing the image, you will have to do more than just rent the largest floor space. Pay particular attention to competitors and whether exhibitors are upgrading or downgrading their booth space.

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