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messenger have failed. This is 100 scam. For example, logging in using an SMS password is not the safest method, since messages can be intercepted by intruders. The Telegram is based on the KYC system (know your customer, know your client which represents a single mechanism for accessing services where identification information is required. Chat: /r_channels" "post_status" string(7) "publish" "comment_status" string(4) "open" "ping_status" string(4) "open" "post_password" string(0) " "post_name" string(15) "datascientology" "to_ping" string(0) " "pinged" string(0) " "post_modified" string(19) " 13:30:28" "post_modified_gmt" string(19) " 10:30:28" "post_content_filtered" string(0) " "post_parent" int(0) "guid" string(58) "menu_order" int(0) "post_type" string(7) "product" "post_mime_type" string(0).

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Such is Binarium, which provides its customers with a convenient trading platform. However, Telegram is actively lobbying for a single passport technology, which in the future should simplify and secure the interaction of traders with broker companies. He's completely ignoring. Very often, provided images of documents are rejected by the support service, and scans have to be sent again, once again waiting for the results of the check. It is distinguished by reliable data protection, high speed and usability. Another scam channel: "Pro Signal Update" admin's Telegram username: @kendramiller, id:, first: Kendra, last: Miller. I didn't have any contact with them, but it's the same scheme as above: "premium IQ option signals" admin's Telegram username: @StephMicaela Another one. Telegram is one of the most popular and functional instant messengers. From the beginning: He claims to be a pro trader and trades binary options over IQoptions. Telegram Passport the future of online trading. In order to protect users funds, financial services implement various verification methods, which are not always reliable and easy for ordinary users. Telegram Passport technology is very young, but many experts recognize its potential.