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hours of European trade. But traders can attempt to see which prices may carry more power by aligning multiple permutations of support or resistance analysis, and looking for commonalities. Trading would be easy because we could follow this holy grail all the way to the promise land. If there were, there would be no reason for me to write this article, or for you to read. The only truthful answer to this question is that its impossible to know which support or resistance level may elicit a change in price behavior until its already happened. But traders can attempt to see which levels may offer a higher chance of exhibiting support or resistance in the future by applying multiple studies. Written by James Stanley Before employing any of the mentioned methods, traders should first test on a demo account. Longer-term pivot points (weekly and monthly) will usually generate considerable interest, and the same can be said for Fibonacci retracement levels within longer-term trends. And seeing an up-trend stall at resistance, or a down-trend pause during support simply shows us an area where a reversal in price may take place.

The logic behind technical analysis is that if enough people are seeing something, and thus reacting to those stimuli, it can potentially become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Trends can be stopped dead in their tracks and if the batch weather forecast for today in philadelphia sitting orders are large enough, a full-on reversal may be afoot. Wed greatly appreciate any feedback or input you might be able to offer on these Forex videos: Forex Education eurusd Forex Secrets of Profitable Forex Traders Use the News. This means that stops and limits will often exist around these rounded intervals on the chart, and as trends move and prices surge into these batches of waiting orders; price action can change dramatically. As we shared in the article, human beings often think in round numbers and traders are no different. As prices approach these levels, traders observe the potential for a reversal. We walked through such an approach in the article How to Catch Swings in the Forex Market.

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