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machines also inside these malls. Moromax Money Changer, Robinsons Ermita, tivoli Money Changer (Mabini, Trinoma, Eton Centris). Near Theater Mall (632) 6327922 other money changers in Metro Manila : At online forums I have visited, these are the money changers they have recommended: Edzen Money Changer 1151 Mabini Street Ermita near the corner of Mabini and Salas Street, walking distance from the. There are other money changers or foreign exchange dealers that also give high exchange rates, but theyre best broker currency trading only one branch, so theyre known only in their areas. In many cases, wire transfers or telegraphic transfers are more expensive than other remittance or money transfer services, so if there are no valid reasons why you need to use wire transfers, check if there are other ways to send money to the Philippines. The one advantage of SM foreign exchange counters and BDO branches inside SM malls is their location. Western Union hotline: (632) 888-1200, both Czarina and Sanrys are Western Union agents. SM and BDO counters, however, are more strict in examining the bills.

Sanrys Money Exchange (has several branches in Ayala malls). I bet if youre receiving foreign remittances monthly, you free forex indicators download already know which money changer in your area gives the best exchange rate. Wire transfer to send money to a BDO account, you need the following information: BDO Swift Code is bnorphmm. Youre protected by the mall, although you cant be protected from sophisticated snatchers. Note about BDO routing code: If your bank abroad requires a BDO routing code, tell them that the Swift code is enough, as all wire transfers to BDO pass through one BDO branch (the Metro Manila BDO branch that handles wire transfers). (632) 6327922 Greenlanes 168, Greenhills Shopping Center Bldg. Dollars, new York, deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas. Related Articles : BDO Kabayan Savings, BDO Remit Cash Card for OFWs Use of BDO Kabayan ATM and BDO Debit ATM Cards Outside the Philippines BDO Remittance Partners in London, England, Other Cities BDO Remittance from Australia Money Transfer to the Philippines BDO Remittance Partners. Updated March 8, 2013: Where can we find the best foreign exchange rates for our dollars, pounds, yens, riyals, etc?

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