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these shifts to come into play requires time. Otherwise, this indicator is considered deficit. This allows you to make a qualitative fundamental analysis and forecast the price fluctuations. Factors That Matter, macroeconomics and monetary policy go hand in hand; and understanding monetary policy is therefore key. This indicator is published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on the first Friday each month and reflects the employment dynamics in the country. Some say that the minutes are lagging, in the sense that they refer to something that happened 3 weeks ago, and that they do not consider the economic news that was released in the meantime. Macroeconomic indicators in the fundamental analysis. At the peak of the financial crisis, the Fed slashed interest rates to zero in an overnight move!

They reflect state of a particular economy. Macroeconomic indicators are the reported data published by government services or independent organizations.

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The positive balance is a characteristic for the growing economy, which helps to strengthen the national currency. This helps to strengthen the national currency. Some fundamental events cannot be predicted at all. As a quick reminder, the Greeks reported fake economic numbers, and the Greek economy was in a worse shape that it had been believed. Monetary policy, on the other hand, refers not only to the interest rates the central bank sets, but also to how the central bank addresses a given situation.

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