forex ea disable trade

for all the above. Back-test your strategy using live data Too often trading systems that look good on paper fail to make the cut when they go live. If this option is disabled, no expert can use external DLLs. This error is very common. With this button you can turn Autotrading off.

With the latest MT4 version this does not happen much, but still there is a chance. Sure, it is easy to find basic lessons on how to use MT4 platform or even video tutorials on MT4, but as you might already know these lessons cover only the most basic stuff. Check if your Internet connection has no problems.

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Those who check Journal tab for error messages might solve their problems faster by themselves. You should be careful with MT4 apps that use DLL libraries. However, keep in mind that many problems come from misunderstanding and if you can spend 5 minutes to solve the problem yourself then. But believe me, instruction manuals are written for a reason. After I contacted anti-virus company and theyve checked the code of my DLL, it was added to their white-list, but this situation still created unwanted inconvenience.

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