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its going. This only happens due to the.7 liquidity. What is forex liquidity? Why is forex so liquid/fluid in nature? Dealing with and between currencies, it is subject to factors ranging from the purely financial to geopolitical ones. NZD net short down by 866 contracts to 17,410, and, for asset manager positions: EUR, net long 9,171 contracts to 143,526 (i.e. Cumulated profit after selling the profit comes in at 1000 which is a 200 return.

Forex liquidity is based completely on all these variables. If accumulatively, traders tend on selling their assets of this pair, its price will thereon take a fall basic economics will make this market react to balance the increased dead assets with a lower price to induce investments. All thats left for you to do would be invest and profit. Learn more about this unique block execution facility.

NZD net short -4,270 contracts to 3,247, hedge funds and specs cut long USD positions by 19K contracts to 281K that's the largest bearish shift since March this year. This is how forex works every second including the factors mentioned before which are always present and acting upon. Eurusd.14139.11.16, gbpusd.28232.11.16, usdjpy 112.816 112.862 2018.11.16, audusd.73305.11.16, usdcad.31505.11.16, xauusd 1221.44 1221.97 2018.11.16, sH 25450.75 25460.25 2018.11.16. Its not just the spread but also the quality of execution. Forex broker Atiora also provides.