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breakout but really dont want be be bear trapped, why not just let the breakout happen first and then after price moves down (which confirms that downtrend is still intact wait for price retracement. #5: How Far Has Price Traveled Before Reaching That Support Or Resistance Level? Eurusd was in a downtrend. For those traders who are aware of the specifics of the traps in the forex market, points 7, 8 and 9 provide a good opportunity to get into the upward movement at the best points.

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This is the definition of a bear trap in trading: a bear traps is a situation where sellers think that a support levels is going to break and so as soon as price starts to break that support level, they start selling on that breakout. Hope in case of falling into the trap is the worst assistant of the trader and leads only to an increase in losses. Closure of bull positions strengthens the downward momentum and the price goes below support 1, punching it at point. Bear Trap Trading Strategy For Forex Traders. Short Selling and Bear Traps, a bear is an investor or trader in the capital markets who believes that the price of a security is about to decline. The price does the support retest at point. Once that bullish candlestick signal forms, place a buy stop pending order at least 2 pips above the high of that bullish candlestick. Another good example of a bear trap on the eurusd pair. So the sellers with all their sell orders are now feeling the pain of price going against them as now their profits are now turning into a loss. Currency Pairs: Any, timeframe: 15 minutes and.

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