currency translation tcode in sap

Change posting document CX52 Display posting document CX53 Number range maintenance CX54 Intercompany elimination CX55 Validate documents CX56 Database list of journal entries CX56A DB List of Jrnl Entries - Cons. Cxdt_TF500 Translation : Document Types cxdt_TF515 Translation : Journal Entry Layouts cxdt_TF530 Translation : Task Groups cxdt_TF540 Translation : Tasks cxdt_TF550 Translation : Consolidation Methods cxdt_TF665 Translation : Scope for Equity Method cxdt_tfin003 Translation : Consolidation Types CXE0 Task groups CXE0P Assignment Archiving Log CXE1. Of G/L with Cons. Data cxcd Data Monitor cxcd_WEB Data Monitor for sapgui for html cxce Data Monitor for a Cons Unit cxcf Cons Monitor for a Cons Group cxck Copy Totals Records cxcl Cons: Item Substitution/Ret. Of IPI CX5UD Customizing Listing: IU P/L in Inv. Cxnx Reconcile FI/Cons at Document Level cxnx1 Reconcile Trans. Data in Cons ledger cxdt_EXT Translation : Decentral Texts cxdt_INT Translation : Miscellaneous Texts cxdt_T884M Translation : Cur.

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Element Relationships cxag HI levels with general structure cxah Hierarchy Level Relationships cxao CU / Translation Method Assignments cxap Cons Unit/Tax Rate Assignments cxaq Cons: CU: Validation Assignment cxar Mass Changes - Cons Units cxas Mass Changes - Cons Groups CXB1 Versions CXB2 Consolidation frequencies. Posting - CM cxek IMG: Doc. Of sts CX5UA IPI: Item for distribution costs CX5UB Elim. Totals record General/ConsSL cxnt Subsequent Integration of Org Units cxnu Maintain Field Movement/Real. CX0A5, maintain Characteristic Values, cX0A6, display Characteristic Values, cX0A7. Postings cxstpmig2 C/I: Reclass.

SAP currency t tcodes ( Transaction Codes ) SAP currency translation type tcodes ( Transaction Codes ) Ratios for Currency Translations SAP Transaction Code obbs AUD /JPY exchange rate for Nov 11, 2018

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