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my fault or the forex brokers fault that my stop loss was not triggered? The forex economic calendar tells you when, what date and time, a major currency news is going to be out so you will not be caught by unexpected market movements when that happens. As previously said, trading on the forex is exciting, fun and dynamic, but its crucial not to get carried away because of this. Likewise, when you own currency (invest in currency) you also own a portion of country. You can get 50-150 pips profit in a matter of minutes this can have the potential to increase your forex trading account fast. To Minimize Trading risk, you need to allocate a very small percentage of your trading account for trading the news. Typically, you can have a strong inkling of what the bank will decide by examining the most relevant economic indicators, namely: (Read more about the CPI and other signposts of economic health in our.

Obviously, because youve entered 2 opposite trades just before the forex news is announced therefore one of the trades will suffer a loss and the other will be profitable (hopefully theres no wild whipsaws that will take the stop loss out for both orders). The most significant indicators used to gauze the health of the.S. Forex interest rate can be defined as the amount of interest payable per period and seen as the proportion of the amount borrowed, lent or deposited by a forex trader. In the Forex interest rates table, you can find the current interest rates of 30 sovereign countries sales strategy for trade shows 2018 and one monetary union. Gross revenue, because you still have to deduct the spread,.e. review
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