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this table NextDC - The first 3 months (daily line chart) Traded. In the meantime, see the latest 3 month chart at m: click for a larger version in a new window Sealink Travel Group (SLK) Offer price:.10 See latest price chart. We have now included in the Daily best forex trading software mac Trades in the lowest pane of the chart, and showing that it has been trading at less than 50 times per day (which for some traders makes it illiquid - see more details about stock liquidity ). Twtr - The first 9 months (daily line) Twitter rallied strongly in the first weeks, then fell 58 percent almost back down to the issue price. Also see the latest 3 month chart at m: click for a larger version in a new window Freelancer Limited (FLN) m 15 November 2013 Offer price: 50c, with first days trading well above. The weekly trades chart above continues to show this stock is not liquid enough for many investors/traders. However, by October 2015 the price fell heavily below a support level of about.90 (chart not shown here). It finally pushed above the issue price in February, and retreated back to sit on that price in April. FLN - The first few weeks (daily candles) This candlestick chart clearly shows the range in price, with a very tall candle (large range) on day one.

See the charts at right for details (Toolbox Members click on the chart for a larger version). OML - The first 4 weeks (daily* candle chart) 9 January update - The share price has traded in a rather small range up to 5 percent above the issue price. After that, the share price continued the fall that it started on 8th February, and paused the fall above 67 cents in early April. After a recovery, the share price ended up falling to lows of under.00 in August 2016.

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PYL - The first few months (daily chart) update - This latest price chart continues to show the work and train from home jobs amazon small trading range, but at lower levels than back in February. Day 3 - No trade in the first hour. Updated: Update : The last share price shown in the right hand chart was in June 2015, and the stock was up on the issue price. However, over the next 5 trading days the share price made lower highs each day. Back to Top of this table EHE - The first few days only (30 minute* candle chart) Trading well below the float price from day one, and after one week is about 18 percent below. AIO - The first 20 months (weekly line chart) Note: From the all-time high just after listing, it was all down hill for 20 months to an all-time low. You can see the same first 14 daily candles at the left end of this chart. Note the number of weekly trades in the bottom pane is less than 30 trades per week from mid-November onwards. Back to Top of this table HOT - The first two days only (hourly* candle chart) notes: On day 1, in the first hour of trade (from 11am the share price opened at 23c, above the issue price of 20c. Many traders look for more than 50 trades per day on average. Back to Top of this table PYL - The first two days only (hourly* candle chart) An hourly chart showing just the first two days of trading - a winner from day one * - An hourly candlestick chart summarises the price action in each. Bcsca - August 2008 - May 2009 (daily line chart) Listed:- (code:bcsca) Initial instalment: 1 with two further 1 instalments owing.