dukascopy binary options spread

60 minutes Stay mobile iOS and Android apps 14 base currencies: USD, CHF. Variety of markets the underlying instruments may be individual stocks, indices, Forex, commodities, etc. The broker regulations: mifid finma regulation and accounts are insured up to 20k. You can be sure those guys pay, it's free forex quotes api your money. Whereas you can currently trade binary options only on Forex instruments the currency pairs on the menu by the broker, Dukascopy promises to extend the variety of underlying assets in later periods, so that it will include stocks, indices and commodities. You put you get ASK price, you call you get BID price and spread can vary from a couple of pipettes to about 3 pips depending on the asset. Traders of the Swiss bank. The logging: expired trades are gone, you need to generate a report. Dukascopy, the leading Swiss Forex broker and bank, today launched a web-based platform for binary options trading. Adding to the positive news, there are no commissions on top of the premium paid by the trader.

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In addition, the broker has his own, specialized television channel. In addition, the neutrality of Switzerland, as well as its banking secrecy laws, is an inviolable barrier to any attempt to take possession of these clients' data. It comes with a virtual balance of 10,000 and by the way, you can choose another deposit currency, as well as the ability to trade binary options on a range of underlying assets. Options, trading, clients of, dukascopy, europe are protected by EU regulation in the amount up to EUR 20000.- for each client). Traders will be very pleased and easy to work with the. The key distinguishing features of binaries are: Easy to trade simple and straightforward to understand, predetermined payouts and risks unlike a traditional vanilla option, the possible gain is binomial, predefined and works as all-or-nothing.

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