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Platform IGs platform is more of a forex partner than a platform given the sheer berth of features it offers. The interface resembles Javas, so experienced programmers will feel instantly at home with. To open an ECN account with ThinkMarkets you will need a minimum deposit of 2,000 Finally, ThinkMarkets isnt available in the following countries: AF, Yugoslavia, AO, GM, NG, AW, GH, KR, BY, GN, BO, GN, PK, BW, HT, PG, IR, PN Island, Burma MM,. Being able to access your account from any device at any time makes this a really flexible and useful forex trading platform. You can go buy a PC and everything is installed from the factory and will work just like a Mac, right out of the box.

That being said, if you prefer a Mac, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the user-friendliness we have all come to enjoy from Appleespecially if you are unhindered by pro-Apple software. But does the prevalence of PCs necessarily make them better trading tools than Macs? A Mac can go from cold boot to live trading using just a couple of mouse clicks and in well under a minute. If a Windows program cant find a driver, then it goes out on the net and downloads it, so thats not a big advantage for Macs.

Discover 10 forex brokers that offer trading software, such as MetaTrader 4, you can run on your. Compare XTB, City Index, AvaTrade, and many more. To help, here is a list of forex top 10 forex brokers with platforms suitable for, mac trading. Read our complete review on AvaTrade to learn more.

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Weve compared their spreads, features, and key information below. For older Macs with limited processor power, running a virtual Windows machine can be a sluggish and pretty disappointing experience. Macs are generally easier to set up, start up, use and even maintain, compared to an average. The same case applies to customer support. Want to see how ThinkMarkets stacks up against and? This is an attractive proposition for traders that prefer Macs but require some must have Windows-only software, such as Access. When it comes to satisfying the user, Macs beat PCs handily. In the majority of cases when it comes to trading platforms, theyre built first and foremost for Windows machines.