java jar javax.servlet.http.httpservletrequest

method will return the actual context path used by the request and it may differ from the path returned by the tContextPath method. Value "digest" See Also: Constant Field Values Method Detail getAuthType public ring getAuthType Returns the name of the authentication scheme used to protect the servlet. J2EE.4, J2SE.3 web. Use is subject to license terms.

Where can I find the JAR for tpServletRequest.s. Any changes to the returned Collection must not affect this HttpServletRequest. Java package rvlet; import Exception; import java. Ring getPathTranslated Returns any extra path information after the servlet name but before the query string, and translates it to a real path. Since: Servlet.0 logout void logout throws ServletException Establish null as the value returned when getUserPrincipal, getRemoteUser, and getAuthType is called on the request. Returns: one of the static members basic_auth, form_auth, client_cert_auth, digest_auth (suitable for comparison) or the container-specific string indicating the authentication scheme, or null if the request was not authenticated. Util.Enumeration; import Exception; import intWriter; import.UnsupportedEncodingException; import rvletException; import tpServlet; import tpServletRequest; import tpServletResponse; import notation. If this dependency cannot be resolved than my guess is I could just get the JAR file for tpServletRequest and add to the Project's Build Path as an external JAR. Returns: a incipal containing the name of the user making this request; null if the user has not been authenticated getRequestedSessionId esignal forex symbols public ring getRequestedSessionId Returns the session ID specified by the client. Returns: a String specifying the session ID, or null if the request did not specify a session ID See Also: isRequestedSessionIdValid getRequestURI ring getRequestURI Returns the part of this request's URL from the protocol name up to the query string in the first line.

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