forex safety

accidents, it is better not to keep in your e-mail the letters with passwords on the trading accounts and broker client cabinets. The broker waits unless there is any additional information. I myself like the program most of all. Summing up: give your real personal information when you register with a broker; verify your name, address and telephone number; dont store the copies of your documents in your e-mail account, delete sent letters. There is a number of techniques, necessary for a trader, not to fall victim of scams. So, it is better spare no time and money on security, that will definitely expert advisors (forex trading robots) pay off. Periodic change of passwords will be a good hack prevention.

But what if you didnt give your phone number and can be connected only through mail? There are versions for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. As for me, its more convenient to remember one complex password than dozens of them. Best of all, if it is a phrase with a random set of words, symbols like # / @ and. Owning this information, they contact the broker support service and claim that the purse where the deposit was from is lost and the money should be withdrawn to a new one.

Useful links: I recommend trying to trade with a reliable broker here. Especially for the forgetful, there are special programs to manage your passwords. Note: Drawdawn of 27 happend when equity was very small 85 usd since this is standard account minimum lot.01 the signal uses fixed lot for all pairs the risk per trade is :1.3-1.5 for example if your equity 1000 then lot size will. With the Internet rise, the number of risks for web surfers rose too. However, for many, the only means of protection is standard software, preventing from just the most primitive threats. When making money transactions there are much more reasons for verification. Did you like video fx software for windows 10 my article?