weather forecast nyc in april

NYC Forecast, thursday, January 5: Deterministic: 90 confidence, mostly Cloudy. Weather at 7am, temperature: 7C, clear/Sunny 41 of time 15. C., Austin, California, Dallas, Houston, Louisiana, Miami (Florida), Myrtle Beach, Nashville, Albuquerque and Atlanta have good weather. Timing and intensity of precipitation are still highly uncertain, albeit with moderate-high confidence of rain.

Cities near New York City: United States in april: See full list of cities. The freshness of last month gives way to the warmth, forex liquidity with more sun and less precipitation. Temperatures are up to 16C. Monday, January 9: Deterministic: 70 confidence, increasing clouds. In the event of a bust: 55 of lower temperatures than forecast (25-27 degrees) 45 of higher temperatures than forecast (27-29 degrees). Sunrise is at 06:17 and sets at 19:36.