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open profit/loss is hidden, returns can look fantastic while the account is near a margin call (think martingale strategy with huge open losers). To learn more about the Investor Password, see Security and Privacy. We entered this short trade on Friday 28th September and hit our target of 201 pips profit last night. Report a website bug: Submit a bug report, time Zone Settings, the Forex Factory website can be adjusted to reflect any time zone. 6th Sep 2018, this trade on Friday 31st August, with a 137 pip target. Creation You can create up to eight Trade Explorers from the Trade Explorer creation page. Todays trade of the day showcased a short D1 trade triggered on the CHF/JPY Pair. Aditya Birla Money: Aditya Birla Money having a strong presence across the retail broking, asset management, private equity, life insurance, wealth management and general insurance broking businesses. We entered this trade.3101 and sold.3063 resulting in an impressive 38 pips net profit! However, there are some subscribers that do not count, as explained in the following 'Caveats' section. We entered this short trade on Friday 17th August, and earlier today we hit our target of 40 pips profit.

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That would be 462 from the one trade if you were trading just 3 a pip! Read : Account Opening fee Brokerage of Sharekhan. Indian Capital Market is One of the oldest stock market in Asia. Trading at 3 a pip, thats 219 profit! Either Forex Factory or the included brokers have exclusive proprietary rights on the data provided by Market. Education 4 forex trading strategies Center Whether you are an experienced day trader, or an interested individual looking for some more information on how to expand your income, this is the place to start. Synchronization When creating a Trade Explorer, all historical trading data is imported from your brokerage account. As long as your posts and username do not reveal your identity, your activity on Forex Factory will never be connected to you personally. Trading at 5 a pip, thats a massive 1,005 profit!

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